More than 30 municipalities in Denmark have already seen the benefits of using VisioSign's communication solutions for delivering effective, relevant and dynamic information on screens in public buildings. This trend is set to continue in other countries, as well. Screens in waiting rooms and reception areas capture visitors' attention and with solutions such as VisioSign's Wayfinder they are able to find directions within the buildings. Moreover, small meeting room screens can be placed outside each meeting room to indicate that visitors have arrived to the right place.

Visitors need access to different information depending on which public institution they are in and VisioSign's solutions are designed to meet those needs regardless of viewers' age, culture and technical skills.


Information screens optimize the allocation of available resources and make dissemination of information more effective.

Messages can be quickly and easily conveyed to any target group from either a central source or from individual departments, simultaneously. Furthermore, they can be scheduled to appear in a given period or prioritized to appear at the top of the news items queue, when necessary.

Take a look at our 360° concept for the public sector and discover the benefits of using information screens.


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