Providing good service for parents

Good communication and cooperation with parents of young children attending nurseries and day-care institutions are of the essence. However, for the teachers, it can be a daunting task to answer all parents' questions. Accordingly, VisioSign has developed communication solutions to use information screens as a good supplement to the personal dialogue.

By using a personal log-in on touch screens, parents can be fully informed about their children's activities during the day, even though not all members of kindergarten staff might be available. This gives the personnel more time for the main task of taking care of children and conducting conversations with parents when their personal attention is required.

Moreover, parents are able to see on the screens practical information about holidays, forthcoming events, administrative initiatives and photos from previously held events.

Touch screens are particularly suitable for presenting information in multiple languages and are a perfect aid to parents who are not fluent in languages other than their mother tongue.


Examples of content

For parents and children

For employees

  • Forthcoming events
  • Daily menu
  • Daily activity schedule
  • New initiatives
  • Information about substitute teachers
  • Pictures and video clips
  • Holidays
  • Administartion office opening hours 
  • Reference to important documents
  • New employees
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Activity schedules
  • School objectives
  • List of substitute teachers


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