VisioSign delivers communication solutions to City Halls, employment- and citizen service centers in more than 30 municipalities in Denmark. We have been working with communication strategies for more than 15 years and experience shows that reductions in paper consumption can be substantial by just replacing the old-fashioned bulletin boards with information screens.

Information screens are ideal for City Halls where citizens come for meetings in the job center, or need to apply for new passports, drivers' licences or obtain tax cards. All service information, including directions to find relevant office in the building, can be delivered by using VisioSign's wayfinding solutions.

Relieving the pressure on the front desk

Employees are able to streamline their work by posting lists of answers to most frequently asked questions on the screens. In fact, the front desk can easily be replaced with an information screen, which provides instructions on where and how the visitors should announce their arrival. A touch screen can also show directions to a specific office or employee in the building, while small meeting room screens indicate each meeting room.

Availability of such useful service information on the screens relieves the pressure on the front desk personnel and allows visitors to use the waiting time more efficiently.

Creating a good story

Information screens in waiting areas can be used for presenting good stories about the organization in order to send positive signals and lift its image, as well as create a sense of closeness to its visitors.

With a well-planned strategy, cities can also use screens for promoting local cultural and sporting events. 


Examples of content:

For the public

For employees

  • Instructions to register upon arrival
  • Advertise job vacancies
  • Meeting schedules
  • Bus and train departure times
  • List of events
  • New initiatives and projects
  • Queueing sytem
  • Pictures and video clips
  • Wayfinding
  • Newsletters
  • Information from the intranet
  • Organization's policies and objectives
  • Meeting schedules
  • IT-policy
  • Internal news  
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Job ads
  • Canteen menu


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