Promoting cultural and sporting events

In addition to traditional ways, such as putting up posters in heavily frequented public places, local authorities have started using information screens to promote services of local cultural and sports organizations.

Gladsaxe libraries in Copenhagen use their screens predominantly to inform visitors about new books. However, together with screens at tourist offices, museums and sports venues across the city, they form an integrated communication channel for promoting cultural and sporting events in the local community.

For years, VisioSign has been assisting local authorities in developing communication strategies, which define how information can be delivered to a much broader public using a common platform. The final objective in mind is to utilize all information screens deployed in public organizations across the city and reach as many new target groups as possible.

Examples of content

For the public

For employees

  • Promote exhibitions and events
  • Warnings in case of emergency
  • Job vacancies
  • Competitions
  • Video clips and photos
  • Local news
  • Library information and book reviews
  • Reference to important documents
  • Information from the intranet
  • Internal policies
  • New initiatives and objectives
  • Meeting schedules
  • In-house news and stories
  • New employees
  • Daily menu


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