Visualizing environmental efforts

Recycling plant in Vejle, Aalborg Emergency Services, Municipality of Slagelse and the Port of Aarhus are good examples of how local authorities can increase public awareness of their environmental efforts with help of information screens.

Very often, projects involving utility services, waste management and other environmental issues remain largely obscured from the public eye. In collaboration with VisioSign, local authorities have been able to rectify the problem by implementing a communication strategy involving information screens. As a result, the public focus has shifted and awareness of environmental efforts has increased, significantly. Achieved results, are usually conveyed together with interesting case studies and visualized with statistics and pictures.

At recycling plants, screens function also as a platform for relaying practical information such as sorting instructions, pricing overviews and opening hours.

Examples of content

For the public

For employees

  • Sorting instructions
  • Price overviews
  • New projects and initiatives
  • Achieved results
  • Relevant facts and figures
  • Video clips and photos
  • Reference to important documents
  • Information from the intranet
  • Internal policies
  • New initiatives and objectives
  • Meeting schedules
  • In-house news and stories
  • New employees
  • Daily menu


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Visualizing environmental efforts

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