Good information creates a sense of security

Proper health care and a sense of security are cruical to all users of medical services within the healthcare sector. Those are the values, which are rather difficult to attain at the time when demands for further reductions in use of resources are growing.

Regardless of whether you find information screens in clinics, hospitals or nursing homes, their purpose is to both improve efficiency within the organizations and create a sense of security in patients.

VisioSign has extensive experience in working with information screen solutions for health institutions. Solutions are designed to deliver a great variety of useful information, such as instructions to patients undergoing a medical treatment or helping visitors find directions inside buildings with help of VisioSign's wayfinder, which is commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes.


Examples of content

For the public

For employees

  • Wayfinding
  • Visiting hours
  • Contact information
  • FAQ
  • Information about medical procedures
  • Service information
  • Duty roster
  • Phone numbers of Doctors on Call
  • Internal policies and objectives
  • In-house news and stories
  • Available positions
  • New employees


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