Information screens for employees behind the wheel

Communication in large organizations can be rather challenging, especially if the majority of employees do not have access to a computer or if they are geographically dispersed.

Arriva is a good example of a workplace with both geographical and Internet access barriers. Most of the employees are drivers who spend the biggest part of the work day sitting behind the wheel of a bus. The only times when they have access to the Internet is when they are in one of the 60 drivers' lounges located far away from the head office.

Introduction of information screens was the right solution to the problem and, presently, they serve as a management tool to keep Arriva's employees well informed and maintain a sense of community in the company.


Examples of content 

For employees

  • Reference to important documents
  • Information from the intranet
  • Internal policies
  • Company objectives
  • News from staff associations
  • In-house news
  • New employees
  • News and weather forecasts

Drivers' Lounge


Hallways, Office Environment, Printer Rooms, Meeting Rooms

Reception, Lobby and Entrances