Over 200 educational institutions use VisioSign's solutions for information screens to keep students, teaching staff and visitors informed on daily basis.

Demand for information varies depending on the target audience and the nature of their errands. In combination with standard information screens, VisioSign can deliver Wayfinder and meeting room solutions in order to customize communication strategies to meet complex demands.

Simple and effective tool

It is widely recognized that information screens are an effective tool for optimizing the allocation of available resources in organizations. This means that the time school secretaries and communication officers spend on administrative tasks can be significantly reduced, if a proper communication strategy is in place.

Messages can be efficiently conveyed to any target group from either a central source or from individual departments within the organization, simultaneously. Furthermore, they can be scheduled to appear in a given period or prioritized to appear at the top of the news items queue, when necessary.

Take a look at VisioSign's 360° concepts for educational institutions and discover the advantages that information screens offer.

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