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Denmark's largest educational institution - VIA University College - uses over 50 information screens to deliver information to more than 18.000 students and 2.100 employees dispersed over campuses in three cities.

Despite their different academic interests and duties, all students and employees share one thing in common - need for information. VisioSign's solutions offer possibilities to centralize and standardize information across the whole organization, but at the same time, also allow individual departments and faculties to promote their own activities. For such complex organizations, VisioSign develops comprehensive communication strategies, which comprise all available technological solutions such as the wayfinder and meeting room screens to name a few.


Examples of content

For students  

For employees

  • Wayfinding
  • Schedule changes
  • Service information
  • Forthcoming events
  • Subject specific news
  • Canteen menu 
  • Administration office opening hours
  • Information from the intranet
  • Internal policies
  • Meeting schedules
  • New employees
  • Available job positions
  • News
  • Deadlines

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