Eliminate photocopiers

Many schools in the City of Copenhagen have undertaken initiatives to digitalize information flows in their organizations. Instead of using conventional methods, such as printing and photocopying, to deliver important information to students and teachers, they now use information screens. The introduction of screens in schools, colleges and other educational institutions has gradually taken place as their price has dropped and the need for digital information has grown.

Screens keep students and teachers updated about changes in their schedules and room availability, but also provide them with directions to classrooms with the Wayfinder feature. In the staff rooms, they have replaced traditional bulletin boards and pigeon-hole message boxes, which in turn lessened the burden of administrative tasks for school secretaries, who previously spent a great deal of time printing, copying and handing out memos. Consequently, the time spent on such tasks, as well as paper consumption, has been significantly reduced.


Examples of content

For pupils 

For parents

For employees

  • Forthcoming events
  • Administration office opening hours
  • School rules
  • Schedule changes
  • School projects
  • Daily menu
  • FAQ
  • Parent-Teacher meetings
  • Photos from school events and excursions
  • New teachers
  • School news
  • Welcome board
  • Schedule changes
  • Reference to important documents
  • Internal policies
  • School objectives
  • List of substitute teachers

Primary School

Secondary School

Preparatory School


Further and Higher Education