Visible and professional information

Efforts to improve efficiency have led many schools to deploy information screens to keep pupils and parents updated about what is going on. Classroom overviews, daily activities and new initiatives are some examples of service information being posted. By doing so, it leaves more time for teachers and school administration staff for their main tasks.

Regular information screens can be complemented with small meeting room screens, which are placed outside classrooms to guide pupils where lectures are being held.


Examples of content

For students

For employees

  • Events
  • Wayfinding
  • Canteen menu
  • List of exam rooms
  • Schedule changes
  • Application deadlines
  • Internship information
  • Subject specific news 
  • Events
  • Information from the intranet
  • Internal policies
  • New initiatives
  • New employees
  • Job ads
  • News
  • Schedule changes



Primary School

Secondary School

Preparatory School


Further and Higher Education