More than 100 nursing homes and 15 hospitals in Denmark use VisioSign's communication solutions to keep different target groups inside their buildings informed with help of information screens. The same trend is becoming more visible in clinics and rehabilitation centers.

Residents of nursing homes, patients in hospitals and their relatives all have different needs when it comes to the type of information that should be provided to them. At hospitals, visitors normally need to find directions to a ward; patients wish to learn about the medical procedures they will undergo, whereas residents of a nursing home want to know what is on the daily activity schedule.

VisioSign has created a range of solutions to accomodate any type of need for information that may arise in a healthcare institution, including solutions involving meeting room screens and the Wayfinder solution for touch screens.

Simple and effective tool

Information screens can be used as an effective tool to limit and optimize allocation of available resources in organizations by relieving the employees of some administrative tasks.

Messages can be quickly and easily conveyed to any target group from either a central source or from individual departments within the hospital, simultaneously. Furthermore, messages can be scheduled to appear in a given period or prioritized to appear at the top of the news items queue, when necessary.

Take a look at our 360º concepts for the healthcare sector and discover the advantages that information screens offer.

Visit curavivo.com to read about VisioSign's joint project to design a digital patient ward, which combines lihting, sound, information and control into an interactive care system.

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