Make use of your time wisely

For most patients the waiting time before a medical procedure can be a source of irritation. We have learnt, however, that if they are offered a possibility to make use of that time more wisely, the irritations will almost disappear.

Patients coming to their general practitioner's clinic can be entertained with useful information about preventive medicine and advice for a healthier lifestyle, but they can also have access to the latest news, weather forecasts and service information such as bus and train departures from the nearest station.

VisioSign has an extensive experience in developing creative solutions for waiting areas, some of which include an added feature to register and welcome individual patients upon their arrival.


Examples of content

For patients  

For employees

  • Announce the arrival of patients
  • Service information
  • FAQ
  • Latest news and weather forecasts 
  • Information about medical procedures
  • Reference to important documents
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Hygene
  • In-house news


Nursing Homes and Home Care

Hospital Ward

Ambulatory Care Clinic

Visitor Information