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VisioSign has designed communication strategies for hospitals in all five regions in Denmark.

Regardless of whether you are a patient or just a visiting friend or relative, information screens will provide you with relevant information. Touch enabled screens with wayfinding are typically placed at the entrances and in hallways to guide visitors to different hospital wards, but also provide service information such as telephone numbers for taxi services, parking information and departure times of local buses and trains.

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Digital signage for every purpose

Information screens, which are available with or without touch, can serve many different purposes. Small screens can be placed outside treatment rooms or serve as direction pointers with single arrows and text. Large screens, on the other hand, can be tiled together to form a  screenwall, which can be used for therapeutic purposes in specially designed lounges or entertaining viewers in waiting areas. 


Examples of content 

For visitors 

  • Announce your arrival
  • Wayfinding
  • Service information
  • Access to the Homepage
  • Hygene
  • News
  • Information about medical procedures


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