Clearly visible and professional information

When guests and employees arrive in the lobby and the reception area of a company, information screens need to capture their attention almost immediately. In some places they are an extension of the reception desk, whereas in others they replace it entirely.

 Typically, companies post information such as guest lists and meeting overviews. In unmanned receptions and lobbies, screens provide service information explaining guests how to announce their arrival and where they should go.

Other practical information regarding parking, ordering a taxi, security procedures for the premises, etc. are also useful for the guests and available on the screens regardless of whether it is an unmanned reception or not.

Waiting areas and lounges are usually fitted with screens showing news, video clips and other entertaining content.


Tell a good story about your company

In receptions with waiting areas, screens can be used to communicate company's vision, mission and core values to the visiting guest. Telling success stories about your products or presenting positive results followed by a few words from the CEO is always an effective way to make an impression and further enhance the corporate identity. 

Examples of content

For visitors

  • Guest lists and meeting schedules
  • Wayfinding
  • Announcing the arrival
  • Service information
  • Parking information
  • Current campaigns and offers
  • In-house news and stories
  • News and weather forecasts


Safety Guidance and Instructions

Hallways, Office Environment, Meeting Rooms


Reception, Lobby and Entrances