Safety at work

If production workers are not familiar with safety rules and regulations, it can become very costly for the company. That is why production companies put extra focus on safety at work. In such instances, information screens can play an important role in ensuring that workers are aware of companies' safety regulations and introduction of new safety procedures.

Touch screens are suitable for providing an overview of the dangerous areas in a facility, while small screens can indicate areas where special safety precautions are required, such as safety helmet areas, etc.

Weber Saint-Gobain is a good example of an international company that lays great emphasis on safety. They use information screens strategically placed inside the factories, to raise awareness of their strict safety measures. Currently they have more than 100 screens in factories, warehouses and offices across Scandinavia.

Examples of content

For employees

  • Reference to important documents
  • Information from the intranet
  • Production processes
  • Safety rules and regulations
  • Emergency warnings
  • In-house news

Safety Guidance and Instructions

Hallways, Office Environment, Meeting Rooms


Reception, Lobby and Entrances