Danish Maritime Authority

Ultra-modern digital domicile informs and entertains guests and employees

"Danish Maritime Authority's ultra-modern headquarters in Valby is equipped with 25 information screens, which welcome and inform employees and guests, entertain them with films and TV and provide directions. We want to show our guests that we are a modern agency, and information screens help us create that image.

On a large screen wall made up of four 40" touch screens in the reception area, our guests can check the ship traffic on the world's oceans. Other screens welcome the guests and provide instructions on where they need to go, entertain them with TV news and small presentations about the Authority's work. In a lounge area we have a special screen that shows our work in more than 100 pictures. Many of our foreign visitors come to this area, so in addition to DR1 and TV2, there is also the option to press on the screen and choose to watch, e.g. CNN or a video clip of our work. On their way through the building, guests will also notice screens in front of each of the nine meeting rooms with information about who is holding the meeting and when. They provide useful overview in case the meeting should be moved or extended.

Our 220 employees in Valby also get information about what is happening at their workplace. On the floors with open-plan offices, information screens show news headlines, information from the intranet, our canteen menu, after-hours meetings and information from the director. News from TV2, DR1 and maritime news are also shown. It is a great advantage that we can refrain from sending e-mails with internal messages. Even though employees can use the intranet to find the same information, the accessibility of screens allows them to get the latest news when they are away from their desks and getting a cup of tea or coffee,"

Michael Strandberg, Project Manager, Danish Maritime Authority

Facts about VisioSign and The Danish Maritime Authority: 25 information screens placed in the canteen, reception, lounge area, meeting rooms, and open-plan offices · VisioSign customer since 2013 · Approximately 220 employees in Valby headquarters

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