VisioSign Cloud

Communicate quickly, easily and effectively

With software solutions from VisioSign you can easily reach your target audience with customized content on a larger number of screens from a central location. By blending local with broader, general information your specific target groups will always have access to relevant content.

Simple text, images and PDF files can quickly be uploaded, as well as data, which are being automatically extracted from other systems while keeping the maintenance tasks at a minimum. The system's scheduling features ensure that the content on your screens can be planned far into the future. Hence, your own time will be utilized more effectively.

All work with editing content takes place through a Web browser, so you should not install any software on your own computer. You decide where and how the information screens are placed with the only requirements being access to power and the Internet connection. At setup, you can
choose the time they will turn on and off automatically, thus saving energy and
prolonging their life.

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